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In the Event of a Death

At Home

Contact the family GP who will then need to confirm the death by seeing the deceased. The GP will then ask you to contact a Funeral Director to remove the deceased to the chapel of rest.

You will then need to visit the GP's surgery to obtain a Death Certificate.

An appointment is then needed at the Registrar's to register the death.

The Funeral Director can then be contacted to arrange the funeral, once all the paperwork is collated.

In a Nursing Home

The staff will call the GP out to certify the death.

The staff will inform the family and then contact the chosen Funeral Director, who will remove the deceased.

The family will then need to contact the GP and register the death.

In Hospital

The ward staff will arrange for a doctor to certify the death.

The family can then collect the Certificate from the hospital's general office, and can the register the death.

The family can then proceed to the Funeral Director to arrange the funeral.

Sudden Death

At home the family would normally contact paramedics, and the police may need to be involved. Paramedics can certify death and allow the family to contact a Funeral Director.

The death will be reported to the Coroner, who will determine whether a post mortem is required.

The Coroner will contact the family to arrange for them to collect the paperwork. The death can then be registered and funeral arrangements can be made.

If a sudden death occurs in hospital, the doctor will inform the Coroner and the procedure will continue as above.

In the involvement of the Coroner will usually delay proceedings by 48 hours.

Registering the Death

This is normally carried out by the closest next of kin to the deceased. Information and documentation required may include:

Birth Certificate

Medical Card

Date and place of death

Full names



Marital status

The Registrar will supply:

Disposal Certificate (for the Funeral Director) (green)

Social Security Certificate

Copies of the Entry of Death Certificate (for banks, insurance, etc.)

Information from the Coroner will include:

Where to collect the Certificate and take it to the Registrar

Disposal Certificate