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Est 1974

With the ever changing outlook on life and death a Direct Cremation is a service that is helpful and very cost effective to many. A Direct Cremation is an unattended service with no ceremony. Your loved one is brought into our care and cared for until the day of the Cremation. Your loved one will be in an high quality Oak Veneered coffin with a small flower tribute on top. They are taken to a local crematorium in a specialist vehicle for the cremation and then we will contact you when the ashes are back in our care.

A Direct Cremation starts at £1350

This price includes:

        Crematorium fees, medical fees, bringing your loved one into our care, high quality oak veneered coffin with small flower tribute, caring for your loved one, specialist vehicle to take your loved one to the crematorium, bringing ashes back into our care in 14 days.