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We are able to carry out cleaning and renovation work to Village War Memorials to mark the centenary, in the Surrey, West Sussex & Hampshire areas.

In the example shown we cleaned the memorial with a non-aggressive chemical Stone Cleaner, which we have had specially formulated for us. This was applied after a physical wire brush down to remove moss etc. The memorial is Cornish Granite.

The cleaning process happens over a few hours after application. The results depend on the type of stone. Portland and Granite results are very impressive. Where memorials are effected by pollution we will test a selected area for results prior to proceeding.

County Council War Memorial Grants are available. The Government has made 100 million pounds available to County Councils for the restoration and creation of War Memorials. See below…

Call and speak to Ricky: 01483 273770 or 07718 424631 or just send an email with photograph of your memorial.

Please email us your information

We offer a memorial cleaning & restoration for Lawn memorials & Ashes Plaques.

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1 June 2014

Iconic First World War football match to be recreated on Saltburn beach

On Christmas Day 1914, British and German soldiers put down their weapons and played football in no-man’s land. This iconic football match that is set to be recreated on Saltburn beach. To mark th...

28 June - 9 November 2014

First World War Commemorative London Walk

'The day the lights went out in Europe' The Royal British Legion has joined forces with the City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association to run a series of fascinating guided walks during the s...

4 August 2014

Centenary of Britain entering the First World War

The 4th of August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the day Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history – the First World War – which ended on the 11th of November 1918, Armistice D...

Advise on planning for any work that is required.

Please bare in mind that leaving the memorial work to be done just before next November may prove to be difficult, as there are many memorials that have to be cared for.

Our recommendation is to have the work done as soon as possible and we will revisit the memorial Free of charge in October 2014 to give it a spruce up.

Added Inscriptions & New Plaques can also be made

Portland - York - Granite - Slate

Carved inscriptions

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